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Operation Legend Is Bringing Surveillance Technology to Cities for The Intercept

The ICE Facility Where Almost Every Detainee Has Coronavirus for The American Prospect

Airbnb Says It’s A Solution for Struggling Cities and Towns. Is It Really? for Business Insider

‘This is the way the world is’: North End Studios founder accused of sexual misconduct for VTDigger

NYC Teachers and Parents Are Questioning a Return to School for The Indypendent (cover story for print issue #257)

Scottsdale Wars Over Short-Term Rentals As Travel Demand Spikes for the Phoenix New Times

A New Era of Surveillance for the NYPD for The Indypendent

Vermont’s Smallest Towns Take Steps on Police Oversight for VTDigger

Don’t Be Evil? for HYPERREEL

Police Are Building Surveillance Networks of Private Security Cameras in Cities for Truthout

Amid Distance Learning Boom, Edtech Companies Profit From Lax Privacy Oversight for The Indypendent

The Progressives of Burlington, Vermont for Popula

“Our hands are completely tied”: Restaurant workers face difficult choices as cases rise for VTDigger

Burlington schools knew about PCBs in soil for 13 months before reporting them for VTDigger

“They’re running it like a business”: As more cuts loom, UVM faculty debate the mission for VTDigger

The Otherworldly Visions of Palestinian Science Fiction for Inside Arabia

Casablanca Court Dissolves Cultural Organization Racines for Morocco World News

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